CIKM 2023 Tutorial
Reasoning beyond Triples: Recent Advances in Knowledge Graph Embeddings

1University of Stuttgart, 2Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 3University of Amsterdam
*Equal Contribution

Saturday 21 October, 09:00 - 17:30 (GMT+1) @ University of Birmingham - Birmingham, UK

For those who have not registered to CIKM: we will release video recordings after the tutorial

About this tutorial

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) describe relationships between entities as a set of facts. KG embeddings map entities and relations into a vector space while preserving their relational semantics. This enables effective inference of missing knowledge from the embedding space. Most KG embedding approaches focused on triple-shaped KGs. A great amount of real-world knowledge, however, cannot simply be represented by triples.

In recent years, there have been significant advancements in KG embeddings that go beyond the traditional representation of triple-shaped facts. These advancements enable more nuanced and expressive representations, leading to enhanced KG embeddings.

In this tutorial, we will give a systematic introduction to KG embeddings that go beyond the triple representation. In particular, the tutorial will focus on temporal facts where the triples are enriched with temporal information, hyper-relational facts where the triples are enriched with qualifiers, N-ary facts describing relationships between multiple entities, and also facts that are augmented with literal, text, and multimodality. We will also cover advanced topics in beyond-triple KGs such as complex query answering, ontologies, LLMs and so on. During the tutorial, we will introduce both fundamental knowledge and advanced topics for understanding recent embedding approaches for beyond-triple representations.


Our tutorial will be held on October 21 (all the times are based on GMT+1 = UK local time). Slides may be subject to updates.

Time Section Presenter
09:00—09:30 Introduction Bo & Mojtaba
09:30—10:30 Section 1: Temporal Knowledge Graph Embeddings Mojtaba
10:30—11:00 Coffee break
11:00—12:00 Section 2: N-Ary & Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graph Embeddings Bo Xiong
12:00—14:00 Lunch break
14:00—15:00 Section 3: Multimodal knowledge graphs--literal, text and beyond Daniel Daza
15:00—15:30 Section 4: Advanced Topics Daniel Daza & Michael Cochez
15:30—16:00 Coffee break
16:00—16:30 Section 4: Advanced Topics Michael Cochez
16:30—16:45 Conclusion & Future Opportunities Michael Cochez

Reading List

(To be added soon) Bold papers are discussed in detail during our tutorial.


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